Apache Kibble is a suite of tools for collecting, aggregating and visualizing activity in software projects.

Our mission

To produce an interactive software suite aimed at analyzing, aggregating and visualizing the activity and trends of software projects.

Towards that end, we will be discussing and publishing several design specifications used to drive the software product forwards. Anyone is free to engage in the discussion on our mailing lists.

Who we are

In alphabetical order, we are:

  • Christofer Dutz
  • Daniel Gruno
  • Daniel Takamori
  • David Nalley
  • Hervé Boutemy
  • Kaxil Naik
  • Larry McCay
  • Michał Słowikowski
  • Rafael Weingärtner
  • Rich Bowen
  • Sally Khudairi
  • Sean Palmer
  • Sharan Foga
  • Tomasz Urbaszek
  • Ulises Cerviño Beresi
( • Chair, • PMC, • Committer)

Get in touch

Please use one of our mailing lists to get in touch with the Kibble project:

Users: users@kibble.apache.org [subscribe] [browse]
Developers: dev@kibble.apache.org [subscribe] [browse]

Or chat with us via the instant messaging platforms, as explained on the Community page.